What Is A Health Psychologist?

What is a Health Psychologist? • The expertise of health psychologists is to develop programs such as psycho-education and behaviour modifications to assist clients to cope with chronic illnesses such [..]


Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Health Conditions Anxiety and depression can have a negative effect on one's mental, emotional and physical well-being. It has been shown that anxiety and depression constitute risk [..]

Life Style, Stress And Chronic Pain

Life Style, Stress and Chronic Pain Smoking • Research has indicated a number of connections between smoking and chronic spine problems. Several studies report that smokers may be predisposed to [..]

Chronic Pain And Its Impact On Life

Chronic Pain and Its Impact on Life • People with chronic pain experience many challenges in coping with the disruption to their life. Pain may disrupt sleep and reduce their reserves for coping [..]

Acute VS Chronic Pain

Acute VS Chronic Pain • Acute pain is a signal to the body that it requires immediate attention because of tissue damage. When treated the pain usually goes away. Acute pain is short-term – less t [..]