Pregnancy And Maternity Counseling

The first years of pregnancy, puerperal and maternal moments are the most special moments of a woman's life, but it is also a difficult process. Changes in the body during this period can cause intense stress in this period, such as the varying mental conditions caused by hormonal changes, the responsibilities of the baby and the mother, and the care and motherhood balance for working mothers. In this difficult period, mothers and their candidates need psychological support. With special psychological support services for pregnant women, and new mothers, it is aimed to prepare women in a healthier and conscious manner and to support women in solving the problems they encounter in their mother's first years.

  • Complexity of feeling about pregnancy and motherhood
  • Feeling uncomfortable with shape and weight changes in the body (fear that the beauty and charm of the body will diminish after the pregnancy and afterwards, worries that it will not return to its former state)
  • Fears about the birth and the birth process
  • Birth preparation
  • Concerns about Baby's health status
  • Concerns that your mother feels about her health
  • Inability to be a good mother
  • Post partum - Post-natal depression
  • Adaptation of childhood life
  • Life coaching for career and motherhood