Oz Psikoloji Aile Danışma Merkezi

About Us

As humans, our life expectancy has increased. That is why we need to learn how to cope, and mentally adjust with our chronic illnesses, and to continue to have a good quality of life. 


That's where the health psychology speciality kicks in!


After providing good quality patient/client and caregiver centred psychological counselling in the field of health psychology in AUSTRALIA (Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne), ENGLAND (Bristol, Bath) now we brought our international knowledge and experience to TURKEY (Ankara).    


We are proud to announce that OZ Psychological Consultancy is one of the only very few in Turkey that provides services solely in the field of Health Psychology, and it is the only one that the whole services are provided by qualified Health Psychologist in Izmir.


Please note that the therapeutic interventions and counselling services are available both in Turkish and English.


With our best regards


OZ Psychological Consultancy Team