Psk. Dan. Gülnur Sağocak

Psychological Counsellor Gülnur Sağocak, BA

Psychological Counsellor Gülnur Sağocak got a degree in Psychological Counseling and Guidance from İstanbul T.C. Maltepe Üniversitesi. During her time in İstanbul, she completed Family Counseling Certificate Course as well as many other valuable certifications and internship that supported her career with high achievement.

On her first year of university, she was the president of the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Club and the İstanbul PCG Club Association. She is still an active member of the Turkish Psychological Counselling and Guidance to uphold the principles of her profession.

She currently works full time as a child-adolescent psychological counsellor and family counsellor at OZ Psychology Family Counselling Centre in Izmir, Turkey.


  • The following are some of the certificates she has:
  •  - Family Counselling and Couple Therapy
  • - Short Term Solution Focused Therapy
  • - İstanbul Traditional Psychological Counseling and Guidance Academic Festival
  • - The 11th Psychological Guidance Symposium

  • - Expert women in mental health association
    • - Impulse control disorder among children and adolescents
    • - A developmental approach to psychopathology
    • - Therapeutic play
    • - Psychological Resilience
    • - Psycho-social support in traumatic events
  • - Mindfulness (Izmir Psikoloji ve Gelişim Zirvesi)
    • Mindfulness,

  • - Getting stronger with emotional intelligence
    • - Emotion, anger and stress management
    • - Communication and self-confidence among difficult people