Uzm. Çocuk/Ergen Psikoloğu Fulden Bayrak

Child/Adolescent Psychologist Fulden Bayrak, MSc

Fulden Bayrak has got her Psychology degree from Kingston University London. After completing her degree, she commenced her studies at UCL (University College London) to do her masters in Child Psychology. Her dissertation topic was “Do past experiences have an effect on our responses towards a stimuli? Is there an association between the threatening stimuli and our childhood?”.


During her time in the UK, she worked at schools with special educational needs (SEN) children. She also voluntarily worked at Charing Cross Hospital in Oncology with patients receiving chemotherapy.


She currently Works full time as a Child-Adolescent Psychologist and Family Counsellor at OZ Psychology Family Counselling Centre in Izmir, Turkey.

The following are some of the certificates she has:


- Family Counselling Certificate (certified by Ministry of National Education), Izmir Psychology Centre

- Play Therapy

- WISC-IV (certified by Turkish Psychological Association)

- Psycho-Oncology – Training the staff who work with oncology patients and their families (International Psycho-Oncology Society Federation)

- Practicing mindfulness in chronic illnesses (International Psycho-Oncology Society Federation)

- Child and Adolescent Objective and Projective TestsStory (narrative) Therapy

- Trauma-Focused Therapy