Psychological Tests and Measurements

The Benefit of Psychological Testing and Assessment

Psychological testing and assessment is used to acquire information about an individual's functioning that may not be readily obtained from an interview alone. Testing may be related to behavioural health, relationships, medical, personality, cognitive, memory, occupational, or academic issues. Testing can provide information about an individual's strengths and relative weaknesses and provide a comparison with various patient populations. It can assist in the understanding of complex problems and identify factors that may be contributing to the maintenance of such problems.

Psychological testing may lead to shortened treatment and reduce overall cost by helping to generate focused treatment goals, identifying potential barriers to achieving positive outcomes, and monitoring progress over time. Testing can identify individuals who may benefit prior to undergoing surgery, or those for whom surgery may be contraindicated.

Benefits Of Health Psychology Measurements Mainly:

• Helps to understand complex diagnostic questions,

• If the diagnosis is unclear or if there is any concern about the likely developing diagnosis (eg, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.)

(örn. depresyon, anksiyete, uykusuzluk (insomnia) vb.) tanı koymada destekleyicidir

• Identifies probable cognitive and memory problems

• Clarify treatment goals

• Allows you to understand why the problems are still continuing, even if medication is used.

Psychological Testing Provides Answers To An Individual’s

- Intellectual strengths and weaknesses

- Clarification of emotional problems

- Personality

- Cognitive and Memory function

- Identification of underlying psychological problems

- Assistance in focused treatment goals

Çocuk Ve Ergenlere Uygulanan Testler

  • Cattel Zekâ Testi
  • Kent E.G.Y Zekâ Testi
  • Porteus Labirent Testi
  • AGTE (Ankara Gelişim Envanteri)
  • Metropolitan Okul Olgunluğu Testi
  • Burdon Dikkat Testi
  • D2 Dikkat Testi
  • Frankfurter Elma-Armut Testi
  • Frostig Görsel Algı Testi
  • Bender Gestalt Görsel Motor Algılama Testi
  • Benton Görsel Bellek Testi
  • Gessel Gelişim Testi
  • Peabody Resim Kelime Eşleştirme Testi
  • Good Enough – Harris Bir insan Çiz Testi
  • Beier Cümle Tamamlama Testi
  • Louisa Duss Psikanalitik Öykü Testi

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