Ozan Bahçivan

Health Psychologist Ozan Bahcivan, PhD(c), MSc, BSc

Ozan Bahcivan completed his Master of Science in Health Psychology in the United Kingdom at the University of West of England-Bristol and commenced his Doctoral studies in Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Barcelona in Spain. His thesis topic is “A new clinical approach for cancer patients: A combined Mindfulness based CBT, breathing and imagery technique called the Swinging Effect Intervention”. He graduated from Bachelor of Psychology at the Western Sydney University in Australia. Ozan won a scholarship and completed part of his university education at the University of Central Lancashire in England as an exchange student and in Turkey at the University of Izmir Economics as a visiting student. 


Ozan has received further training in 3rd Wave/generation therapies including mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Clinical Hypnotherapy from the leading professionals in the mental health field from Australia, Turkey, Scotland and England. He is the Early Career Director at world-renowned International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS). The liaison person of IPOS for Turkey as well as liaison for Turkish Psycho-Oncology Association. 


He has experience including working within schools, hospitals, clinical and community health settings with children and families, youth and adults who are from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds in various cities in Australia, United Kingdom and Turkey.


He has given seminars about psycho-social oncology, aggression, mental health awareness, cancer care, anger and stress management strategies to students, health professionals, teachers, parents, and police force teams in various cities in Australia, Cyprus and Turkey.


As well as this, he is involved in research about oncological psycho-social care and mental health. He has been a guest speaker at national Australian SBS, and national Turkish TRT radio channels to give a speech on addiction disorders, mental health and PTSD. Currently he works full time as a Health Psychologist/Psycho-Oncologist at OZ Psychological Consultancy in Izmir, Turkey. Also, Ozan has affiliation with Family Haven/SA Pregnancy and Parenting Counselling Services in Adelaide, Australia as a supervisor consultant.


Avustralya vatandaşlığı olmasına rağmen beyin göçüne karşı biri olarak çalışmalarını Aile, ve Sosyal Hizmetler Bakanlığından tam ruhsatlı olarak İzmir'de kurduğu Özel OZ Psikoloji Aile Danışma Merkezi'nde Sağlık Psikoloğu/Psiko-Onkolog ve Aile Danışmanı olarak hizmet vermeye devam etmektedir. Ayrıca, Avustralya’da bulunan Family Haven/South Australian Gebelik ve Ebeveynlik Danışmanlığı Hizmetlerinde uzaktan süpervizor olarak bağlantılarını devam ettirmektedir.